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Hi, I'm Hector Osborne Rodriguez

I help organizations create accessible experiences. I am a CPACC Certified Accessibility professional, Front-End Development manager, accessibility advocate, casual gamer, virtual photographer, sleight of hand rookie.

I work with HTML, CSS, SVG, and presentational JavaScript to create Web user interfaces. Mainly focus on accessibility, responsive design and semantic markup and performance.

I work with functional teams and collaborate with designers - preferrably in the design phase - to translate product owners requirements and designs into live prototypes, Web user interfaces, and design systems.

I have a strong technical background, with great attention to detail and problem solving. My initial process is to provide feedback to designers to ensure that the design translates well to the browser, ensuring the product is ussable by as many people as possible.

If you'll like to hear more and get to know about my career, send me a message at